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In 2006, the medical faculty supported the creation of the network of excellence TESLA (Training, Education, Science, Lectures and Applications) in the field of MR research. TESLA´s overall goal was to create a critical mass of human and technological resources for leading-edge biomedical MR research at Lund University and one of its targets was to create fora for cross-faculty education of PhD students and other scientists in high-field MR techniques and clinical research applications.

One of the major achievements where TESLA has contributed significantly is the formation and development of LBIC. After a six-year period (2006-2012) of TESLA activity, it was therefore natural that the TESLA tasks were taken over by LBIC.

The role of TESLA as LBIC:s educational platform is to provide education, training and information, not only within MR, but covering all bioimaging platforms provided by LBIC. At this page on the LBIC website you will therefore find activities (seminars, courses and other educational activities) that are organised by or co-sponsored by LBIC.

Joint seminar - Physical Chemistry & TESLA


Tools for monitoring lipid systems in human brain in vivo: myelin water imaging and inhomogeneous magnetization transfer
Alex L. MacKay, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

When and Where

Thursday, 30 of January 2020, 14:00-15:00
Segerfalk Lecture Hall, BMC (how to get to BMC and Segerfalk, opens in new window)

Seminar flyer (PDF, 144kb)

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