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IT support

The main goal of the IT development at LBIC is to safely store and handle the data that is being produced by LBIC equipment, primarily at LBIC`s preclinical platforms. Over the last 5 years increase in imaging quality and resolution has led to more data being produced today in terms of actual data size. As an example, a storage capacity calculated to be enough for 6 months only two years ago, today lasts about one month.


Data flow at LBIC

Data flows from our equipment to our main storage. If possible it is done in real time (while the data is being produced), but some equipment is sensitive to interruptions, in that case it is done during the night as part of our backup process. From our main storage it can be accessed for further analysys or for our customers to take with them for use in their publications or other uses. All the data is also backed up to an offsite storage during the night to prevent data loss.



For IT support contact
Anders Mårtensson, Anders [dot] Martensson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

If you need help to access your files, please first contact the support for the platform that you were using. After this, they will contact me and I can help you. It is done in this way to prevent access of files by other users than those that should be able to access them.

I also handle technical support for our preclinical and 7T Research Board application systems