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Facility equipment

Availble hardware and software

Works in progress.... Check back soon!

Scanner configuration

  • 7T Philips Achieva, actively shielded
  • Gradient system (max G [mT/m] / slew rate [mT/m/s])
    • 40/200 or 60/100
  • RF system:
    • 32 receive channels
    • 2 or 8 transmit channels ("classic" and "multix8")
    • localised or global B1 shimming
  • B0 Shimming
    • 1st, 2nd or 3rd order shimming
    • vendor algorithms and image based shimming availlable

Software releases

  • Current release: 7T R5C (since January 26 2019)
  • Also available: previous release 7T R5B (in use from January 2016 to January 2019)
  • Patches:
    • A commonpatch with bugfixes and method improvements of general interest. Standard for all projects
    • To program your own patches, you first need a research agreement. The needed software is then distributed by Philips Clinical Scientist mads [dot] andersen [at] philips [dot] com (Mads Andersen).

Available coils

Classic (2 channel transmit)
  • 32 ch Nova head coil
  • 28 ch QED knee coil
  • 16 ch RAPID wrist coil
  • 23Na / 1H RAPID head coil
  • 13C / 1H RAPID head coil
  • 31P / 1H RAPID head coil
  • 23Na / 1H RAPID flex surface coil
  • 13C / 1H RAPID rigid surface coil
  • 31P / 1H RAPID rigid surface coil

In the pipeline: 16 ch RAPID breast coil (delivery during Q2 2019)

 Multix 8 (8 channels transmit)
  • 32 ch Nova head coil

In the pipeline: 32 ch body array (deliver after Dec 2019)

fMRI equipment

  • LCD screen for visual presentation (specs)
  • Projector and screen for visual presentation (specs)
  • Response boxes (four buttons for each hand) (picture, link to company)
  • Auditory stimuli earplugs (avotec)


  • Dielectric pads for B1 homogenization (linked to ppt or paper or company)
  • Power injector
  • Patient monitoring
  • Ventilator, Maquet
  • ECG triggering
  • Peripheral pulse unit triggering
  • Respiratory triggering (belt or navigator)


Karin Markenroth Bloch
karin [dot] markenroth_bloch [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se