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How to apply for a project

All you need to start a project at the 7T

Before starting a project, you are more than welcome to discuss it with anyone from the 7T facility!

Due to scanner availability, no large projects can start until August 2020. You can still plan your projects and apply for time, and after approval do pilot testing! 

View the introduction to 7T MR physics! (Mads Andersen)

Before we can book time slots, all items in the checklist needs to be checked..


  1. Read the user guide and price list
  2. Fill out a digital project application
  3. Apply for ehtical permission
    Send the ethical permission and the approval to boel [dot] hansson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Boel Hansson )
  4. The 7T research board reviews the project
  5. The PI is notifyed by email about the decision

After approval:

  1. The PI gets templates to the research contract-forms that have to be signed. A description of  how till fill out and process the forms is found here.
  2. The PI and requests a start up meeting with boel [dot] hansson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Boel Hansson ), to document project details in a "book of methods".
  3. Arrange for training of participants. To use the facility, a certificate of authorization is required ("assistant license"). To scan, a certificate of competence ("scanning license") is needed.
    The assistant license consists of a safety training, information of routines and a tour of the facility. This takes 2-3 hours, upcoming occasions are advertised on the events page.
    The scanning license requires scanning together with 7T staff, and ends witht a "drivers test". These are individually planned.

Running the project

  1. When all the steps are done, the project will be opened in the booking system, and the project follows the routines outlined in the book of methods.
  2. Invoices will be sent every three months, and are based on the bookings made in the booking system.

NOTE: For us to be able to give status updates, we require that you:

  • give a annual project update via a questionaire sent out in the start of each year
  • acknowledge the use of the Swedish national 7T facilities in your publication
  • notify the facility when you have a paper published or conference abstract accepted

7T Research Board

The research board has meetings approximately once per month. Applications have to be submitted at least 10 days before the meeting!

Planned meetings 2020-2021:
November 26, December 17, January 21

Members of the research board 2021

  • Isabella Björkman-Burtscher, University of Gothenburg
  • Boel Hansson, Lund University
  • Gunther Helms, Lund University, vice chair
  • Peter Lundberg, Linköping University
  • Pia Maly Sundgren, Lund University, chair
  • Karin Markenroth Bloch, Lund University
  • Greger Orädd, Umeå University
  • Cecilia Petersen, Skåne University hospital
  • Örjan Smedby, KTH
  • Göran Starck,University of Gothenburg
  • Johan Wikström, Uppsala University

Decisions are taken by majority vote. At least five members must be present for a vote to be valid.


Karin Markenroth Bloch
karin [dot] markenroth_bloch [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Boel Hansson
boel [dot] hansson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

checklist before starting scanning