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Electron microscopy

MitocondriaElectron microscopy is the process of greatly magnifying tiny particles in order to see and analyze them. The use of electrons allows 10,000x plus magnification (which is not possible using light microscopy) and atomic resolution. Electron microscopy can yield the following information:

  • Topography: the surface features of an object or "how it looks"
  • Morphology: the shape and size of the particles making up the object
  • Composition: the elements and compounds that the object is composed of and the relative amounts of them

In particular, the use of colloidal gold provides analytical structural data of the specimen. The electron microscopy unit at LBIC is equipped with a FEI Tecnai Spirit BioTWIN transmission electron microscope and a brand new field emission scanning electron microscope, Jeol JSM-7800F, installed autumn 2014. In addition, LBIC is staffed by experienced scientists providing comprehensive microscopy services to researchers and students all the way from initial project planning to publishable electron micrographs.

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