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Practical information for Microscopy users

Here you can find information on hw to apply for usage, how much it costs and how to get help.

How to apply for use of the equipment and our services:

The first step in the procedure is to contact:

For microscopy - TEM: Lina Gefors, lina [dot] gefors [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se, +46 (0)46-222 07 12

For SEM and advanced light microscopy (Nikon Confocal A1+ microscope, Nikon STORM microscope and Nikon TIRF Microscope): Sebastian Wasserstrom: Sebastian [dot] Wasserstrom [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Preclinical experiment request form (Electronic application form)

To ensure the safety of all our users, please review and complete the appropriate sections of the experiment request form prior to scheduling an imaging appointment.

Electronic application form

Histology application

If you are only doing histology, you can use a this simplified form


All prices are excluding VAT

Instrument Medical faculty Other academia Other (eg industry)
Electron Microscopy
7501000 1600
TEM/Tecnai BioTWIN 750 1000 1600
Staff support during scanning 650 650 1600
General staff support Depending on experiment, please contact us
Light microscopy
400 400 800
Staff support during scanning 650 650 800


Histology prices (in Swedish)

Tjänst LU Extern
Kryostatanvändning 100 200
Parafinmikrotom, per timme 100 200
Snittning utförd av LBICs personal, per timme 650 800
Inbäddning paraffin, max 10 prover 1200 2000
Labbtjänst, per timme 650 800


Tjänst LU Externa
Inbäddning epoxi, max 10 prover 1300 2300
Inbäddning lowicryl, max 8 prover 2400 3500
Immunogold*, max 6 grid 1250 2200
Snittning med kontrastering, per timme 850 1500
Fullständig preparation SEM, max 6 1350 2300
Endast montering, max 6 650 1150
*Antisera och Guld tillhandahålls av kund om inte annan överenskommelse skett



You can call Lina Gefors, lina [dot] gefors [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se, +46 (0)46-222 07 12 or Sebastian Wasserstrom Sebastian [dot] Wasserstrom [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se if you need support.

If you need support with Histology, you can also contact Susanne Strömblad Susanne [dot] Stromblad [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se, +46 (0)70 331 46 22

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It is necessary to acknowledge LBIC in any publication where data is retrieved using LBIC equipment. The acknowledgement should read:

Lund University Bioimaging Centre (LBIC), Lund University, is gratefully acknowledged for providing experimental resources.

In addition, and if applicable, specific LBIC staff may be acknowledged as well.


In the following file you will find information about costs and terms of usage. Please note that all projects are subject to LBIC user policy.

LBIC Preclinical poliicy


SOP for microscopes

Standard operating procedure LBIC confocals

SOP Nikon A1+ Confocal v1.2 (PDF)

SOP Nikon A1RHD Confocal v1.4 (PDF)

Lund university Bioimaging Centre
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