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We offer a fully equipped radiochemistry laboratory where we can label everything from liposomes, antibodies and proteins and all the way down to small molecules. Please inquire the facility coordinator if you have a project in mind and want to know more. 

In general, SPECT tracers are synthesized upon request, while PET tracers are available or can be made available with minimum set-up time (see list below).

PET tracers

  • 18F-NaF 
    Used for: Bone imaging, retained by calcium
    Provided by SUS/LBIC
  • 18F-FDG
    Used for: Glucose metabolism, oncology
    Provided by: SUS
  • 18F-Choline
    Used for: Accumulates in tumors due to malignancy-induced overexpression of choline kinase, cancer
    Provided by: SUS
  • 18F-FLT
    Used for: Active cellular proliferation of malignant tumours, oncology
    Provided by: SUS
  • 18F-FET
    Used for: Accumulates in cerebral gliomas and in extracranial squamous cell carcinomas owing to increased transport (amino transporter system), oncology
    Provided by: SUS
  • 18F-AV-1451
    Used for: Tau pet imaging agent, neurology
    Provided by: SUS
  • 18F-MISO
    Used for:Hypoxia, oncology
    Provided by: LBIC
  • 18F-FES
    Used for: Fluoroestradiol, breast cancer estrogen-receptor (ER) expression, oncology
    Provided by: LBIC
  • 18F-MPPF
    Used for: Specific serotonin 5-HT1A antagonist, abnormalities in the serotoninergic system, neurology
    Provided by: LBIC
  • 18F-MFES
    Used for: Estradiol, breast cancer estrogen-receptor (ER) expression, oncology
    Provided by: LBIC
  • 18F-FDHT
    Used for: Prostate tumours, androgen receptor (AR) levels, oncology
    Provided by: LBIC
  • 18F-DOPA
    Used for: Dopamine transport, neurology/oncology
    Provided by: LBIC
  • 18F-FMT
    Used for: Dopamine production, neurology
    Provided by: LBIC
  • 18F-tyrosine
    Used for: Brain tumours, glioma, oncology
    Provided by: LBIC
    Used for: Somostatin receptors, neuro-endocrine tumours, oncology
    Provided by: SUS
  • 11C-Raclopride
    Used for: Selective antagonist on D2 dopamine receptors, neurology
    Provided by: SUS